May 27, 2016

Press Kit

Here you’ll find all you need to know about the DIMEC App.

High resolution images & screen shots as well as press releases, with each having been written for a different audience: users/patients, healthcare professionals and the wider healthcare industry.

Please note that the DIMEC app is for consumption in the UK (predominantly England) market by NHS service users, and thus some content may not be applicable to your audiences.

However, we understand that the need that the DIMEC App fulfils may indeed be applicable to your audience, so should you require any clarification or assistance e.g. interviews, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here


iPhone Screen Shots

Press Releases

Healthcare Professionals

If your audience consists of healthcare professionals & GP practice staff, please download the following tailored press release PDF.

Patients & People with Medicines

If your audience consists of patients and people who use medicines, please download the following, tailored press release PDF.

Healthcare Industry

If your audience includes third parties involved in healthcare provision, please download this tailored press release PDF.