December 19, 2016

Healthcare Professionals

The DIMEC App allows patients to synchronise their phone with their GP records and possess a temporary offline copy of their repeat medicines and allergies. From this, patients can order repeat prescriptions directly to an authorising GP’s workflow. When issued, the prescription is sent via EPS to the patient’s chosen pharmacy, as selected within the App.

The repeat request generated via the DIMEC App is wholly patient initiated.

There has been a lot of talk recently about CCGs banning pharmacies from ordering due to the huge amount of waste it can cause. Luton CCG, for example, has found that by stopping pharmacies ordering repeat medicines, up to £2.1M/year can be saved on the cost of medicines. However, they’ve not replaced the convenience that pharmacies offered with an alternative.

As well as promoting the responsible ordering of medicines and assisting further savings in repeat prescribing, the App empowers patients to take a more active involvement in their healthcare, promoting better health outcomes, greater compliance and ultimately requiring fewer appointments in both primary and secondary care.

The App brings together the patient, their GP and Pharmacy. Notifications are sent to the patient’s phone so they know exactly what stage their prescription is at in the order process, from placing an order to the dispensed medicines being ready for collection at their local pharmacy.

DIMEC operates in accordance with the Caldicott Principles of data handling. We are also SCCI 0129 and IGSoC accredited. The DIMEC App is undergoing assurance with all 4 GP systems (GPSoC) under the supervision of NHS Digital (formerly HSCIC).

Benefits for Patients

Synchronised for patient initiated ordering

Patients order their prescription directly through their smartphone, anytime, anywhere. 24/7 patient initiated ordering.

End-to-end tracking with push notifications

Peace of mind with push notification updates as to exactly where prescription orders are, preventing wasted trips & calls to the pharmacy or GP.

Customised reminders

Help patients remember to take their medicines promoting improved adherence, better health outcomes and decreasing waste

Benefits for GPs

EPS Workflow

Less admin time spent sorting repeat prescription requests from pharmacies & reduced transcription errors through manual inputting of repeat requests

Cost Savings

Less over-ordering of medicines as patients only ordering what they need, providing significant cost savings in repeat prescribing & admin staff time in processing

Medical ID & Assured Data

100% accurate drug and allergy information at your patients’ and their HCPs’ fingertips, even when the phone is locked (iOS only).

Benefits for Pharmacists

24/7 Patient Initiated Ordering

Receive orders even when you’re closed such as over the weekend or last thing at night thereby providing a great service to patients

Drive Prescriptions & Loyalty

More patients are likely to choose your pharmacy due to convenience, resulting in a greater number of prescriptions & customer retention.

Improved Stock Management

The OMS provides sight of prescriptions in the pipeline & therefore the stock required. This is particularly useful for expensive/obscure items thereby reducing owings & expediting service.