December 16, 2016


The new NHS Assured DIMEC App is changing how you order your NHS repeat prescriptions

From June 2017 patients who are registered with participating GP practices that operate the EMIS Web clinical records system will be able to use the new, NHS Digital assured DIMEC App. It’s hoped that in August 2017, patient’s whose GPs use INPS Vision will also be able to start using the new DIMEC App.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All new orders are for collection from your local pharmacy, as chosen in App. New orders will not be sent by post, but we will fulfil all existing orders.

Paired with your GP records

After registering and pairing the DIMEC App with your GP records, your repeat medicines & allergies are instantly downloaded onto your phone.

There’s no need to manually input them and no confusion as to what is or isn’t on your repeat slip.

It’s 100% accurate and updated every day to make sure you always have the most up-to-date record on your phone.

Set Up in 90 Seconds

Order your repeat prescription

Take control of your repeat medicines. Order what you need, when you need it. Simply order directly through the DIMEC App, 24/7/365.

After placing an order, it goes directly to your GP. Once issued by the surgery, it’s sent to your chosen pharmacy to be dispensed.

When it’s ready, your pharmacy will send a push notification to your phone updating you every step of the way. This means no more wasted trips or calls to the pharmacy before your prescription is ready.

Recent studies carried out by the NHS have found that ordering medicines yourself (patient initiated) and only ordering what you need can save each health authority between £2,000,000 and £6,000,000 per year.

Use the DIMEC App to help save the NHS money and promote more responsible repeat prescription ordering.

Quick & Easy Patient Initiated Ordering

Choose your pharmacy

Once you’re all paired with your GP, you’ll be able to select which pharmacy you’d like your prescription sending to*.

This automatically updates your doctor’s records for you so they know where to send your prescription.

Your chosen (nominated) pharmacy can be changed at any time to suit what is best for you and your lifestyle.

*Please note that only pharmacies within the subscribed health authority (CCG) area can be selected.

Know exactly where your prescription is

Real-time push notifications directly to your phone tell you exactly what stage in the process your prescription request is at.

Whether the request is being looked at by your GP, being dispensed by your pharmacy, or is ready for collection, you’ll know when to visit the pharmacy to collect your medicines.

No more wasted trips to the pharmacy before your tablets are ready!

Never miss a dose again

Built in, fully customisable reminders mean you’ll never miss that dose again.

Struggle to remember that mid-afternoon dose when you’re out and about? Or maybe that one just before bed?

Set the app to remind you of all your doses, or just those ones you struggle to remember!

Secure, PIN-protected login details

We take data protection and your privacy extremely seriously.

Only you can access your medicines information. No one can access your medicines from another device. Your data is your data!

DIMEC follows the Caldicott Principles for data handling and we are also SCCI 0129 & IGSoC compliant.

Be confident your details are safe.


For iPhone users, DIMEC has paired with Apple HealthKit allowing you to copy over your medicines and allergies into Medical ID (iOS 8+).

Your medicines information and allergies can now be accessed by healthcare professionals even when your phone is locked.

This could save your life!