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All pharmacies in England are live on the App

That's around 12,000 in total! Coming soon are our list of premium pharmacies which will be shown on the map below shortly.

Mr A Richards


"The DIMEC App has completely changed the way we communicate with our patients"

John Andrews


"My GP told me to use this App and gave me a linkage form. Pulled my repeat slip down straight away and I can now order to my local pharmacy. Brilliant."

David White


"Brilliant app, use all the time. There isn’t a more convenient way of ordering my prescription than this."

Charlotte Day


"The app has saved me hours in phone calls and travelling to the pharmacy when my prescription wasn’t ready. Now I know when it’s ready to collect as the pharmacy sends me a notification!"

Mrs Jones


"I find using the DIMEC App so much easier than having to visit my GP to order my prescription."

Charley White


"Fab App Really brilliant app, does exactly what I hate doing!! No more queuing at the pharmacy and going back in two days because they're out of stock. Simple and easy to use with excellent customer service!! Ill never look back!!"

Cliff Dean


"Works! I ordered my last prescription whilst in the queue at Starbucks...just so effortless."

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