February 1, 2016


How does it work?

Ordering your NHS repeat prescriptions has never been easier. Simply, connect directly to your GP and choose which pharmacy you want your medicines from.

When you are due some more medicines, simply place an order through the App. You’ll be notified when your prescription is ready for collection from your chosen pharmacy.

Do I need to tell my GP?

All you need to do is visit your GP with photo ID (Driver’s Licence or Passport) and ask to “Register for Online Services”.

They’ll give you a piece of paper with some identifying codes. Follow the simple instructions in the App and you’re good to go.

There’s no need to tell the GP that you will be ordering you medicines through the DIMEC App.

Are my details safe?

Absolutely! At DIMEC we take your data privacy very seriously!

Only you can see the medicines you’ve added to the app which is protected by a PIN number. They are locked to your phone – we can’t  see them!

All authorised transfers are SSL-Pro protected, placed behind an ISO Information Governance Statement of Compliance Standard as well as us being SCCI 0129 & IGSoc compliant as well.

How long does it take?

A good question. This can vary from one GP surgery to another as it depends how quickly they send the repeat prescription to your pharmacy.

The general rule of thumb is to allow two working days.

Once your prescription is with the pharmacy, they will notify you when it’s ready for collection by sending your phone a push notification.

Can I order other medicines that aren’t on my repeat prescription?

No, the medicines that are on your repeat prescription from your GP can be repeated. We aren’t able to process requests for items that are not given to you on a repeat basis.

If you have any questions about what is or isn’t on your repeat, we’d recommend contacting your GP.

I pay for my prescription. How does this work?

When ordering your prescription, just click the ‘I pay for my prescriptions’ box.

Then, when you collect from your pharmacy, they will know to charge you for the item(s) on your prescription.

I'm exempt from prescription charges. How do I tell you this?

When ordering your repeat prescription, just tick the exemption that applies to you and carry on ordering as normal.

I'm going away. How can I order my prescription early?

If you need to order your prescription early, order as normal but just leave a message in the comments section to say why, such as you’re going on holiday. We’ll pass this on to your GP.

Once I sign up, am I tied in to using the same pharmacy?

Absolutely not.

If you’d like another pharmacy to dispense your prescriptions, simply change it in the settings page. Your next prescription order will then be ready for collection at your new pharmacy.

Some of my medicines are controlled drugs or require refrigeration. Can I still place an order?

You sure can.

Once the prescription is sent to your pharmacy, the medicines will be stored appropriately until you come and collect them.

I have a personal question about my order. Who do I contact?

If you have a question about your order, you should contact your pharmacy or GP. You will find their telephone numbers in the settings page of the App.

DIMEC staff cannot see any orders that have been sent by yourselves as the order is sent securely directly to your GP.

I have another question!

If you have any further questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on: