January 29, 2016


The way you order your repeat NHS prescription is changing with the DIMEC App

Order your repeat prescription

Now here is the really clever bit.

Don’t ring your GP or local pharmacy again to order your prescription. Simply order directly through the DIMEC App, 24/7, 365 days a year.

No more waiting on hold to GP surgeries during their opening hours or standing around waiting in Pharmacies. Let our team of Pharmacists and Dispensers prepare your medicines.

Whether you are in the comfort of your own home or rushed off your feet out and about, order your repeat prescription and your medicines will drop through your letter box in a matter of days to an address of your choice.

It’s fast, free, convenient and safe. We’re registered with the NHS, so you can be sure you’re in good hands with the DIMEC App.

Tell us what you need off your prescription and we’ll do the rest. You are in complete control.

Add your medicines

Using our intuitive medicines input page, begin typing the name of your medicine.

The App will begin to predict your medicine. Select the correct one to continue, filling in any other details such as dosage and times of the day you take your medicine.

Quickly and easily add your key details

Enter your details, plus many other optional fields such as emergency contact details.

Select the name of your GP surgery and the app will pre-fill in the rest of its details, including full address and telephone number.

Know exactly where your prescription is


Real-time push notifications directly to your phone tell you exactly what stage in the process your prescription request is at.

Whether the request is being looked at by your GP, if it is being dispensed by the DIMEC team, or if it has been dispatched, you are kept up to date with the whole process.

Never miss a dose again

Built in, fully customisable reminders mean you’ll never miss that dose again.

Struggle to remember that mid-afternoon dose when you’re out and about? Or maybe that one just before bed?

Set the app to remind you of all your doses, or just those ones you struggle to remember!

Secure, PIN-protected login details

We take data protection and your privacy extremely seriously.

Only you can access your medicines. No one can access your medicines from another device.

Be confident your details are safe with us.


For iPhone users, DIMEC has paired with Apple HealthKit allowing you to copy over your medicines and allergies into Medical ID (iOS 8+).

Your medicines information and allergies can now be accessed by healthcare professionals when your phone is locked.