11th March 2018

Your feedback on our service

Your feedback on our service

We get lots of emails and calls from users every day asking about a couple of features and when they’ll be coming.

The one thing that we get asked most often is: “why can’t I chose my local pharmacy?”

We’ve put together a post here that explains that in some detail; the post is updated as we know more from the incumbent stakeholders that are delaying this.

However, we really want to put some pressure on the “system” to expedite the updates where we can and there is no better motivator that patients. We can try as hard as we can, but the best call to action is evidence that this is something that patients really need.

It would really help us to help you if you could take 60seconds to complete the totally anonymous, 4-question survey:

Take Me To The Survey

We will only use your anonymous comments to prove to NHS Digital, EMIS and NHS England that these changes are needed urgently and they are important.

Thanks again for taking the time to read a post and for competing the little survey. It may be small, but your comments as patients & users are invaluable to us.

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