13th April 2018

Any pharmacy on your high street

Any pharmacy on your high street

Hello everyone and thanks for looking back to our blog.

We’re so excited to share that the update that we’ve been so desperate for finally arrived earlier this week. *Edit* Live as of 25/04/2018

We’re completing testing this weekend and will launch this massively crucial update on Monday provided that the final testing over the weekend goes as planned.

It may take a day or so for your device to update even if you’ve got app updating set to automatic. If you haven’t got this set to automatic, please check for app updates manually on Tuesday or Wednesday within the stores native to your device’s OS.

Here’s a sneak peak of what choosing your high street pharmacy will look like. You can change your location at the top or scroll around on the map. In the brand new version you’ll be able to search for your chosen pharmacy by name too!

This has been a long time coming: we know from your emails and the survey (thanks to everyone who completed that), how important it is to users and pharmacists alike. We have to be honest, we’ve been pushing for this update for over two years so we’re ecstatic. This has to be the most exciting update for us since we launched Dimec as a GP connected app last year! 

Now that we have every single high street pharmacy on the app, and this critical functionality has been enabled from a GP system & NHS Digital level, we can now go full steam ahead into finalising our new, completely redesigned app.

This is such an exciting time for us as we believe that the new app will revolutionise how people engage with their own medicines and support others to make the most of their medicines. And that is what we’re all about!

Once the new, rebuilt app is out, we’ve a steady stream of great features currently under development that will continue to enhance the Dimec App. Plus the more feedback that you guys can provide us, the more we can shape the app to work for you.

To all our high street pharmacy colleagues across the country, we’re working on some features that will enable you to support patients to get the most of their medicines. We have quite a few months to go, but come and see us at the Pharmacy Show later this year for a demonstration. 

We’ll update this post when this crucial app update is out in the coming days. Until then, thanks for stopping by.

UPDATE – Live in App Store & Google Play as of Wednesday 25th April 2018

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