19th January 2018

How do you order repeat prescriptions?

How do you order repeat prescriptions?

There have been some huge changes recently across the country affecting the way people order their repeat prescriptions.

Perhaps you know what we’re talking about already?

Over the past year, GPs & local health authorities have been clamping down on the ways in which you order prescriptions, meaning that, for around half of the country, patients have to order repeat prescription directly with the surgery.

So what does this mean then and how does it affect you?

Until recently, there were quite a few different ways of ordering a repeat prescription. One of the most convenient ways was to ring your pharmacy and let them know which medicines you needed. They would then order this at the surgery on your behalf and you’d know to come and collect your medicines a few days later at the pharmacy. Simple right?!

Perhaps your pharmacy even ordered your tablets automatically for you. All you had to do was go to the pharmacy each time you were running low and your tablets would be there waiting for you.

However, all this is changing!

Clinical Commissioning Groups (local health authorities) are responsible for managing healthcare budgets and commissioning services in your area. These groups have told GPs they are no longer allowed to accept prescription requests from pharmacies across half of England with the rest of the country adopting this policy a an ever increasing rate.

So what does this mean for how you order repeat prescriptions?

You’ll have to place your orders directly with the surgery. Whilst this may seem like a huge inconvenience; having to make a trip to your surgery (most don’t allow requests over the telephone). But all is not lost!

When you next visit your GP surgery, ask to ‘register for online services’. You’ll have to complete a quick form and show photo ID to the receptionist. A passport or driving licence will do.

They’ll then give you a copy of a unique Linkage Key that gives you access to viewing your record online and through smartphone Apps, such as the Dimec App. For more details on how to get your Linkage Key and how it works, click here.

Once you’ve downloaded the Dimec App, it’ll ask you for your Linkage Key. Entering this will pair your phone with your GP record in real time, pulling through your complete list of medicines.

From this, you can place prescription requests through your phone directly to your GP. This can be done 24/7 from the comfort of your own home, or if you’re out and about and suddenly remember you need something.

Ordering your prescriptions through Dimec is completely safe and secure. We have undergone a huge amount of assurance through NHS Digital and are fully supported by the NHS. We even feature on the NHS’s Digital App Library. Have a look by clicking here.

The Dimec App is free to download for both Android and iPhone. Download it today!

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