19th January 2018

The Linkage Key - the gateway to your GP

The Linkage Key - the gateway to your GP

Dimec synchronises your phone or tablet directly with your GP record, so that your medicines are updated in real time. If a healthcare professional charged with your care changes a prescription then your app will update to reflect this in a matter of seconds.

To connect to your GP record like this, you’ll need a Linkage Key/PIN Document.

How do I get my Linkage key?

All you need to do is visit your GP with a form of photo ID and ask to ‘register for online services’.

They will give you a sheet of paper that looks something like this sample one below, then you’re good to go.

How can we be sure that this is secure?

If you use online banking for example, you’ll be familiar with the requirement for multiple codes and passwords. Once set up, however, the bank remembers some codes for you and only asks you for a couple of codes/passwords to login thereafter. Dimec works the same way.

Dimec connects to your GP using four codes:

1.     ODS Code – this is the unique code assigned to your practice by NHS Digital. This is how your app knows which GP surgery to ask for your medication. We’ve integrated with more NHS systems so that you don’t actually have to manually enter this code because your App pulls it directly from your NHS Account.

2.    Account ID – this number corresponds to your account within your GP’s clinical system. The first few digits relate to the  practice and the last 5 digits represent your record.

3.    Linkage Key – this is the 12-long alphanumeric code that is 100% unique to you. Should you lose your phone or tablet, asking your GP to reset this key for you will invalidate any attempt to access your records on an old device. This Key is very important.

4.    Dimec Password – this is transferred between your phone and the Dimec servers to authenticate your account so that push notifications are sent to the right person about the right prescription. This password is not sent to your GP at any point.

The secure transfer of these codes to allow this connection is encrypted and your codes are securely stored with another level of encryption on your phone too. This means that everything that is important and personal to you is kept that way! Personal!

Has the NHS tested and approved this security?

Absolutely, yes! It has taken Dimec over 4yrs of painstaking design and development to get the App approved by NHS Digital so that we can be a gateway to patients to help them manage their prescriptions as best they can.

Completing this process successfully means we are listed as a trusted supplier on the Linkage Document described above and we’re also listed on the NHS Digital Apps Library here.

In addition to the rigorous testing described above, Dimec is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office; certified as Information Governance Compliant; has a registered Caldicott Guardian and as SCCI-0129 compliant. This means that we’re always looking at ways to fix & improve things; to improve security and offer better services.

Due to the strenuous testing however, very often what can seem as only minor changes can take some time to be approved by the NHS before we can pass them down as updates to patients.

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