29th March 2018

Feedback update - A thank you

Feedback update - A thank you

Thank you to the 1200 people who have completed our survey so far.

Your comments are all being amalgamated so we can look at the main issues that you’ve raised. We’re then going to identify ways to make changes in line with your requests, and if we have to go to NHS Digital stakeholders etc to make it happen we will do.

The survey will remain open indefinitely, so please do continue to make comment, even after our new update. If you have positive comments and criticisms that are different to previously, then please complete it again and let us know.

Some criticisms that we’re keen to act on were the length of time that the app took to load and that it doesn’t yet allow Touch ID. These are two things that we’re delighted to tell you, that because the new app has been rebuilt from the ground up, natively on each platform, it will load much much faster and Touch ID (fingerprint access) is standard.

Some feedback that we’re really pleased with is that our users love the simplicity and appreciate that we’re trying to do one thing (prescriptions) and do them well. All of the team are really grateful that so many people really got what we’re trying to do, despite all the issues we’re facing.

We will keep you posted with the EPS nominations as discussed here, and also when the big update is ready that we’re so excited about, we’ll be sure to post on here.

Thanks again for all your feedback.

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