14th September 2018

So Dimec’s in the news…

So Dimec’s in the news…

You’ve probably seen in the news today that Dimec’s been acquired by the Co-op.

We can confirm that this is correct, but what we actually want to do today is to share what this means for you.

Launching a start-up in early 2013, raising funds to develop technology and pivoting in accordance with an ever changing market are some of the things that we’ve had to manage over the years. However, throughout the myriad of ups & downs, we’ve always maintained our core values and stuck to why we set up Dimec in the first place.

As founders, we were pharmacists with different professional backgrounds but with an aligned vision of a joined up, integrated prescriptions & medicines system that serves the patients of today and tomorrow.

We always maintained four simple principles and we hope you can see that in what we’ve built to date: convenience, safety & adherence (helping people take their medicines) and data ownership.

These simple principles haven’t changed now that we’re a part of the Co-op.

The Co-op has a rich history of serving communities and disrupting industries of old. The seemingly simple concept of being a co-operative and existing for its community was hugely disruptive in its day. The healthcare sector is a natural fit for the Co-op, as it’s an area they have previous experience in.

But now the Co-op believes it’s time to re-enter the healthcare market with the same vision for challenging the status quo and disruption that fuelled their growth so many years ago. Dimec is delighted to be a part of that and it truly excites us to be able to develop our service to offer amazing features with the support of a trusted household brand.

So, for all our users, there’s no change right now, but things are going to get exciting as we develop Dimec into an awesome service with the same basic principles we’ve always had, front and centre.

Thanks as always for dropping by and checking out our blog posts.

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