3rd May 2018

DigitalHealth.net Feature

DigitalHealth.net Feature

Our latest, ground breaking update that allows patients to choose any one of the 12,000 pharmacies in England and update their chosen pharmacy from within the App has been picked up by digitalhealth.net who have written a feature on us.

The article can be found here: https://www.digitalhealth.net/2018/05/dimec-chose-pharmacy-prescription-collection/

Following on from a great interview with Hannah at DigitalHealth, the whole team at Dimec is proud to have been recognised for this great achievement in offering patients a service that this that the NHS has never seen before.

Electronic prescriptions aren’t a new idea. In fact, they’ve been around for getting on for ten years. Previously, patients were required to let their GP or Pharmacy know where they would like their prescriptions dispensing. This would then get updated on their behalf.

If, for whatever reason, a patient wanted to change from one pharmacy to another, they would again have to contact either their GP or the new pharmacy, giving them personal information over the phone allowing the healthcare professional to locate their NHS record and make the switch on their behalf.

This is why the latest Dimec update is so revolutionary.

When placing an order in the app, patients are able to select from any of the 12,000 pharmacies in England. The list is shown to them based on their location, meaning they are always able to find their preferred local pharmacy.

This updates their registered chosen pharmacy on their GP records at the same time, meaning the patient doesn’t need to ring or contact anyone else like they did before.

So when might this be a useful feature as generally people don’t change their pharmacies regularly?

True, this is a feature that hopefully won’t be used too often. However, what if a patient goes on holiday to somewhere else in England? The Dimec app allows patients to order their prescription from their GP surgery and then collect from a pharmacy that’s near to where they are on holiday.

We always have times when, for whatever reason, we aren’t quite happy with the service we receive, wherever it may be. Perhaps your pharmacy has let you down and rather than just ‘making do’, you’re able to select a different pharmacy.

Or perhaps rather than collecting a prescription close to home, it’s easier for some people to collect nearer their work? Patients can navigate the map to their place of work to find collection points there. Whichever is most convenient.

The best thing about all of this is that it can be done in a couple of taps all from within the app.

The Dimec App is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. It is also featured on the NHS Digital’s Apps Library.

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