11th December 2018

Following on from our last blog post where we announced the news of our acquisition by the Co-op, tomorrow marks the first exciting change for our customers that opt for the free home delivery option.

As of 12th December, we will be switching our delivery pharmacy partner from PillTime to Co-op’s brand new, state of the art pharmacy.

So what does this mean for people that take advantage of the delivery service?

The main thing is you’ll continue to receive the exact same great level of care as before. Orders will be sent to an address of your choice, be it to your home or place or work, completely free. The service aims to make ordering and receiving prescriptions easier for you and the great thing is it doesn’t cost the NHS any extra money.

You’ll notice the labels on the boxes will now say ‘Co-op Healthcare’ as opposed to PillTime and you will also get more reliable notifications letting you know when your prescription is out for delivery and any tracking information that comes with it.

For anyone that chooses to collect their prescription from a pharmacy, you won’t notice any difference. You’ll still be able to select from all 12,000 pharmacies in England where you’d like to collect your prescription from. This change only affects people that have their medicines delivered via our delivery pharmacy.

This is just the first of many great changes that are coming soon with the Dimec App! Stay tuned for more updates.

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