12th January 2018

A journey through prescriptions

A journey through prescriptions

Dimec consists of a group of pharmacists, patients and some very talented techies. The thing is though, we’re all aware that there are some links missing in what we’ve come to call the “prescription journey”, and so we’ve been trying to make some progress towards filling those gaps.

The brand new version of the app that will be released in the coming few weeks is just the start. We’ve completely rethought & rebuilt Dimec from the ground up, getting input from massive stake holders, exceptionally experienced individuals and even the NHS directly.

The brand new Dimec app is our platform for the forth-coming myriad of improvements over the coming year. Your health data is personal and important, so a lot of what we do takes time, and requires rigorous testing to make sure that you are using a service you can trust and rely upon. However, this is also why, seemingly simple features often take quite a bit of time to come through.

Here’s a taster of how the brand new Dimec App really is a game changer in the prescription experience:

1. Reimagined registration

We now connect you straight to your NHS account. We find your actual GP and fill your profile automatically behind the scenes from the first registration screen, having only asked you a couple of pieces of information. This feature is secure as it connects your app straight to the NHS N3 intranet. This means that when you’re asked to connect straight to your GP surgery as before, you only now need two of the three unique codes, saving you time.

2. Taking your medicines made simple

Dimec doesn’t just tell you when to take your medicines but also when to reorder them. This is a brand new feature that lots of people have been asking for. The technology behind it is developing fast and we’ll be bringing more updates behind the scenes making this feature more and more intelligent. Whats our driver here though? It’s to help you get the best of your medication and to save the NHS money. Dimec, is after all free for you and free for the NHS.

3. Caring for our loved ones

We all know of people who take time out of their own lives to care for others, be it family or neighbours. These patients need the support of those that care for them, so how could we support you? During our complete rebuild we worked hard to make this new feature intuitive & convenient. You can now synchronise with multiple patient’s records, for which you have permission to access, in the new app.

4. That individual service

Dimec was founded by pharmacists. We enjoy supporting patients and healthcare colleagues in community and hospital to provide the best medicines care. It can be a challenge but seeing someone understand something new about their medicines, or collectively determining the best treatment approach with a colleague taking into account a huge number of factors, can be the highlight of your day. But we can’t do that for everyone through an app. Or can we?

Some of you may have tried the app to date and seen that there were only a certain number of pharmacies you could choose, but now you’ll see every high street pharmacy in England, marked on a map. We show you all the ones nearest to you and then you can increase your search radius as you want. Order your prescription to your pharmacy, where your pharmacist will prepare it for you ensuring that you get all the convenience and tools that Dimec can provide, but with the individual service that only your pharmacist can give.

That’s just a few of things that are new in the app, but we’re actively working on lots more things right now.

We do welcome suggestions and ideas, so please do let us know and we will look into them.


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